You Are What You Repeatedly Do

You are what you repeatedly do. So ask yourself what are you? The answer is easy, look at what you REPEATEDLY DO. Titles don’t matter, actions matter.

It isn’t enough to have warm thoughts and good intentions if your actions don’t stand up to scrutiny. It’s very easy to congratulate ourselves for our future successes, as though they are inevitable, or to feel as though we are “good people” because of our political leanings or our outrage at videos we see online. What do you repeatedly do? The actions we take matter. The processes we run matter.

Our world is made up of a series of processes, and the more consistent they are, the more we can rely on them, and the more valuable they are to us. Making the right choices is important, but doing the right thing poorly can be worse than doing nothing at all. This is why making choices, and taking action when you’re emotional is a BAD IDEA. Even if you make the right decision, your execution will be impaired.

This view of the world can be incredibly valuable in a variety of different fields. Medicine. Aviation. Engineering. Commerce.

Ask yourself two questions:

1) What process should you run?

2) How do you run that process as reliably as possible?

As an entrepreneur it isn’t only about your ideas, it’s about your process for working through, vetting, and executing on those ideas. Entrepreneurship is about what you do, the actions you take, over and over. You identify a course of action you wish to take, or a process you wish to run, and then you seek to run that process as well as possible. As you’re running the process you need feedback loops in place to track the efficacy of that process (is it producing the results that I want?), and the consistency (how often does it produce the result I want?).

It’s the same in medicine:

1) What is wrong with this patient or what process should I run to deal with their situation?

2) How can I run this process as reliably as possible?

The Hippocratic Oath that physicians take states “First do no harm”. Much like in entrepreneurship it is important to have feedback loops in place in order to track the efficacy of your actions (do patients have positive outcomes?), and the consistency (how often do patients have negative outcomes?).

Your Mom and Dad might love you for the goodness in your heart, but the world needs value from you. The value you provide is based on what actions you decide to take, and how well you execute on those choices. Think long and hard on what you want to do, and be disciplined in how you do it.